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Graham County Department of Public Health



    -Hotels and Motels
    -Bed and Breakfast Home
    -Bed and Breakfast Inn



Lodging establishments are inspected once per fiscal year

"Lodging establishment" means all hotels, motels, inns, tourist homes, and other places providing lodging accommodations for pay



Bed and breakfast homes and inns are inspected once per fiscal year.

"Bed and Breakfast Home" means a private home offering bed and breakfast accommodations to eight or less persons per night for a period of less than a week.




A permit or transitional permit shall be immediately revoked in accordance with G.S. 130A-248(b) for failure of the facility to maintain a minimum grade of C. A permit or transitional permit may otherwise be suspended or revoked in accordance with G.S. 130A-23. A new permit to operate shall be issued only after the establishment has been reinspected by the Department and found to comply with this Section. This reinspection will be conducted within a reasonable length of time, not to exceed 15 days, after the request is made by the permittee.

The facility must be either hooked up to a public water system or well water.  If the facility is connected to well water, then a water sample must be taken prior to opening.

Sewage shall be disposed of into either a proper onsite sewage system or public waste water system.  If your facility has an onsite sewage system, a tank check is required to ensure that the existing system is sized properly.