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      -How to obtain a septic permit
      -Setback Requirements for Septic Systems
      -Septic System Construction
      -Septic System Information Sheet
      -NC On-Site Wastewater Contractors and Inspectors



How to obtain a septic permit

Before a property parcel can be evaluated for septic permit, the following information must be provided:
-Fill out a complete septic application by visiting the Environmental Health office or by an online application. Click here to download an application. (link to application form you will have to scan).
-Provide a survey plat or site plan
-Property lines shall be properly marked on site
-Proposed location/size of house on site
-Driveway location marked
-Location of existing wells or springs on property of adjacent lots
-Any easement or rights of way on the property
-Location of future structures or improvements to the property
-Location of existing septic systems on property
-The site shall be easily accessible
-Full payment of fee
Upon completion of required information the EHS will contact property owner/applicant to schedule a time to visit the property for an evaluation for a septic permit.


Setback Requirements for Septic Systems

These distances represent minimal horizontal distances from a wastewater system:




Septic system construction


NC On-Site Wastewater Contractors and Inspectors

Link for contractors and inspectors.