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Graham County Department of Public Health



-Water Sample Application
-Bacterial Sampling
-Inorganic Chemical Sampling
-Volatile Organic Compound



Bacterial Sampling
A Graham County Environmental Health Specialist will perform a bacteriological analysis on water samples from both public and private water systems. Samples are examined for the presence of the coliform group of bacteria, which are indicators of fecal contamination. 
Public water system samples are submitted to the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health.


Inorganic Chemical Sampling
Most of the recommended limits or maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for inorganics in public water supplies are as follows:

Sample analysis time will vary from one day to thirteen days, depending upon the number of parameters requested for the sample.  The submitter should receive a copy of the analytical results within three weeks of the date of sample collection.  Public and private water system laboratory reports are held for five years, and then destroyed.


Nitrate - MCL = 10 mg/L (as nitrogen).  Serious poisonings in infants have occurred following ingestion of well water containing nitrate nitrogen at concentrations greater than 10 mg/L.  This problem is known as methemoglobinemia and is generally confined to infants less than three months old.  The presence of nitrates is usually due to animal wastes and fertilizers.  Boiling water does not remove nitrates but instead concentrates them.
Nitrite - MCL = 1mg/L (as nitrogen).  Nitrite is the actual etiologic agent of methemoglobenemia.  It results from oxidation of ammonia or reduction of nitrates.  May occur in natural water or water distribution systems.


If the suspected contaminant is a heavy oil or grease, request a Petroleum sample.

Volatile Organic Compound
If the suspected contaminant is a solvent or gasoline, request a VOC sample.


Pesticide sampling may be important in areas where someone is applying products to kill pests, such as rodents, mites, mosquitoes, etc.  Herbicide sampling may be important in areas where someone is applying products to kill weeds and other plants that grow where that grow where they are not wanted.