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Graham County Department of Public Health






How to obtain a well permit

-Fill out a complete well application by visiting Environmental Health office or by an online application.
-Provide a survey plat or site plan
-Property lines shall be properly marked
-Proposed location/size of house on lot
-Driveway location
-Existing wells or springs on property of adjacent lots
-Any easement or rights of way on the property
-Location of future structures or improvements to the property
-Location of existing or proposed septic systems on property
-The site shall be easily accessible
-Full payment of fee



Setback requirements for Wells

ENR – Environmental Management 15A NCAC .0100

    1. Septic tank and drain field, including drain field repair areas, except saprolite systems as defined in 15A NCAC 18A . 1956(6) 50 feet
    2. Sewage or liquid-waste collection or transfer facility constructed to water main standards in accordance with 15A NCAC 02T .0305(g)(2) or 15A NCAC 18A . 1950(e), as applicable 25 feet
    3. Animal barns 50 feet


Grout Inspection



Well Head Inspection



Water Sample Procedure for New Well Construction



Well Testing and Disinfecting

Abandoning Wells